Brother Geobook Browsing the Web Basics

The Basics: The Location Bar is directly above this text. In the space that says you can type another address, hit enter and you will go to that Web Page.

Now look at the right hand side of your screen. Notice the Up Arrow (triangle pointing up), and directly beneath it (near the bottom of your screen) is a Down Arrow (triangle pointing down). In between the Arrows there is a Scroll Bar. This Bar indicates how much information is on the page that you are looking at. The smaller the Scroll Bar, the bigger the page. It's as if you have a long scroll of paper and the length of that scroll is expressed by the relationship of the bar to the darker gray area behind it. The moveable part is is the same color as the Arrows. You can move the Scroll Bar up and down with the arrow keys in the lower right hand corner of your keyboard. If the arrows don't work for you then put your pointer on the triangles at the top or bottom and click the large button under the glide pad. You will need to Scroll down to see the rest of the page.

The words that have a line under them are called Links. When you Click on a Link your browser will load the Web Page that the Link is associated with. This way information is spread out over a wider area, so you don't have to download large chunks of data at once. Try Clicking on a link below that looks interesting to you, and learn more about your GeoBook (or Super Power Note).

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How to use Abbreviated Phrases.

Very Good!

You have now demonstrated that you have learned to use the Scroll bar. Scrolling around on the screen and clicking links are the most important things to learn about using the browser and getting around on the web.