How to Sign up for Free Yahoo Home Page and Free Yahoo E-mail on the Brother Geobook

This tutorial was written on the Brother GeoBook NB80C. I found out that this does not work with the NB60 or the PN9000GR. I wrote this tutorial back in 2001 and so, I do not know if it still works or not.

Please keep in mind that this unit can not do everything that there is to do on the web. You will find many modern features that do not work. Also Yahoo pages (and many others) are very large, so you will have to clear your cache after almost every page has loaded. If you do not you will get a "low memory error". If the sign up procedure does not work correctly then do the sign up on a Windows 95/98 system or Mac. The mail itself should still work on the GeoBook.

From the main menu Click on "Internet". When the next page loads Click "Browser". Most GeoBooks have the Default Home Page set to and that should load in. If it does not then find the area near the top, in the space next to "Location:". Delete or Backspace over whatever is written there, and in its place type: and then hit the "enter" key on the keyboard.

Once the yahoo page has loaded it is a good idea to click on "Options" at the top of the screen and then choose "Clear Cache". If you do this after each webpage has loaded, it will prevent most "Low Memory Errors". When you are ready, look in the upper right hand corner of the browser window. You should see the word "My" in a circle or the work "Personalize" Click on either one of these links.

When the next page loads you should see near the middle or bottom of the browser window (the exact location changes from time to time), the words "Get Your Own My Yahoo!" Click on these words. Don't forget to clear your cache (Click "Options" and then "Clear Cache").

When the next page loads in type in you desired user name in the box next to "Yahoo ID" (bill938, sweetpea333, etc.). Then enter the password you want in both of the two spaces below marked "Password:" and "Retype password:"

Make sure you write down the information so you do not forget your user name or password. Scroll down and answer the questions all the way down the page. When you are done Click the "Submit This Form" button at the bottom of the page.

When the next page loads, scroll down and Click on the words "Continue to My Yahoo!".

You now have "My Yahoo!"

I recommend at this time that you Bookmark this page. To Bookmark this page Click "Bookmarks" at the top of the screen. Click "Add to Bookmarks". (To access your book marks Click "Bookmarks" and Click "Show Bookmarks" then just Click on the site you want then Click "Open Location")

There are many features for you to explore here and in E-mail Some will work and some will not. The reason some things do not work is due to limitations of the Geobook. There is not resolution to this situation.

Clear your cache then Click on "Check E-mail"

When the next page loads answer the questions using the information you provided when you signed up. And Click the button below, even if it says "sign me up".

The next page will ask your password so enter that.

From here on, most things should be self evident. So have explore and have fun.

This text is NOT provided as a service of brother international. If you call brother on the phone to ask about this they will not have any information about this at all.