Brother Geobook Tutorials

This is a list of tutorials written to help GeoBook users and me to get more out of their Brother Geobook.


How to install the NB60 Browser on your NB80C (in addition to the one you already have). Offered to you by the Hardcore Kid! How to setup Yahoo Free E-mail
How to setup a Yahoo POP 3.
How to Setup an Internet Connection on the Brother Geobook
What is KR09 and how do I deal with it?
Cut and Paste explained
How to write your own home page. Make surfing easier for you. Rough Draft

How to Save the Brother Geobook Datebook File to a Floppy Disk and View in Windows

You can save the file Datebook to a floppy disk and look at it (on a Windows computer) in note pad, but the file will be filled with letters, numbers squares and other symbols.

Near the end of the file the data will be there, in-between a bunch of squares and symbols.

I have not been able to find a better way to view the data from this output file. Sorry.


How to Format a Brother GeoBook NB80C, NB60 or PN9000GR from the Main Menu

Insert disk # 2 into the A: drive.

Go to the File Manager.

Click on the A: drive down below.

Double click on the labeled Utility.bat. (If it does not run, then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

You should see a list with 4 options on a black screen with white text. (PN9000GR will just have the list)

First we want to choose option 2. Hit the # 2 key on your keyboard.

Next it will ask a question. Answer Yes by hitting the Y key on the keyboard.

In a few moments it will tell you to turn it off. So turn it off for 10 seconds.

Then turn it back on.

When it comes back to the Main Menu Go to the File Manager for the 2nd time.

Click on the A: drive down below.

Double click on Utility.bat.

Choose option 2 again and answer Y for yes.

Turn it off when it tells you to.

Wait 10 seconds and turn it back on.

When it comes back to the Main Menu go to the File Manager for a 3rd time.

Click on the A: drive down below.

Double click on Utility.bat for a 3rd time.

This time choose option 1 by hitting the # 1 key on your keyboard.

Answer Yes by hitting the Y key on the keyboard.

Turn it off when it tells you to.

Wait 10 seconds and turn it back on.

When it comes back to the Main Menu take Disk #2 out of the of the drive.

You are now finished with the basic Format process.

Saving Resources in Brother Geobook - If you don't use the Geobook for browsing the Web

If you don't use your GeoBook to surf the Web then you should Format the system and Copy the Communication program from Disk 2 to the F:\Geoworks\Document directory [Go to Default (N)].

This way you can dedicate all your resources to the Communication Terminal and word processing.

Used like this, you will be maximizing the system resources. In my opinion this machine could not be dedicated to a more suitable purpose.

How to install the Brother Geobook Browser:

From the Main Menu Go to the File Manager.

Insert Disk #1 into the drive.

Click on the A: drive at the bottom.

Double click on the Package Installer . (If it does not run, then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.)

Depending on which machine you have this screen will say different things. Click on the line of text that contains the words Globe Hopper

Then Click on button that contains the word Install

This will take one to two minutes.

Note: (On a small number of machines you will have to install the e-mail also. But don't do it if you don't know that you need to.

The worst thing that can happen if it is not installed is that when you click on e-mail it will take you back to the main menu.)

When it is done click the OK button.

Then hit the F3 key at the top of the keyboard, until you are back at the Main Menu.

The Browser and the E-mail programs are both properly installed now.

Brother Geobook Tutorial: How to Create Save and Reload an Abbreviated Phrase

To create, save and reload an Abbreviated Phrase, run the Word Processor as usual.
Click the 'Character' Menu and chose Abbreviated Phrase.
The Abbreviated Phrase window will pop up.
Click the 'Add' button.
Enter the abbreviation you intend to use in the box next to 'Abbreviation:'
Then hit the 'Tab' key and type the full phrase as you want it to appear, then click the 'Apply' button.
Repeat the 'Add' process until you have entered all the abbreviations.
When you are ready to continue Click The 'Close' button.
If you are not going to use these abbreviations again then you are finished.

Just type your document using the abbreviations.
To use them just type your abbreviation followed by 'Ctrl-x' (hit the 'x' key while holding down the 'Ctrl' key in the lower left hand corner of the keyboard).

However if you do plan to use these abbreviations again this next part is the most important.
Click the 'Options' Menu and choose 'Save Configuration'.
Now when you quit and come back your Abbreviated Phrases will still be there.
Now here is the real trick. The first time you try to use abbreviated phrase, it will not work. Don't worry, just Click 'OK' and do Ctrl-x again and it will work.

Web Based E-mail that works with the GeoBook:

Earthlink Web based E-mail

ZWorg Web based E-mail

Search Engines with page sizes: (The bigger the page the longer it takes to load)
Use these Search Engines to search the web:

Google 1.2k Very Fast loading search engine.


Yahoo! 15k The best known search engine.

Search The Web: Click on the 'Search engine you want to use.

Type what you want to search for in the search box and Click on the "SEARCH" or the "GO" button.

Try more than one search engine and use the results that work best for YOU.

Brother Geobook Support Commentary:

I had actually forgotten that these Geobook pages were still on our website.

It has been more than 2 years since I last worked for Brother.

At that time Brother was ending their support for the Geobook, and liquidating all of their supplies.

I called Brother (877-552-6255) in December of 2004 and they said they still have the accessory pack for $19.99.

However they were not able to tell me what it contains. Based on old information I would guess that it has a plastic case, printer cable and blanks disks. It may, or may not, come with a battery or flash card.

I am sorry to say I do not intend to continue support for these pages unless I get new requests.

How to Obtain Brother Geobook Replacement Disks

I have been informed by Brother International Corp. that I am no longer allowed to provide free copies of the GeoBook Disks.

Until further notice, if you need a replacement disk you must call 1-800-284-1937 or 877-552-6255 to order them.

Be sure to specify exactly which machine you have and which disk you need.

Last time I checked the disks are $5.00 each plus $5.00 standard shipping (Shipping is the same weather you order 1,2 or 3 disks).

If the above does not work go to Brother Internaional Support


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