What does the Brother Geobook KR09 error message mean and what can be done

The KR09 error means simply that there is a problem involving the memory of the machine. This happens most often when some one has sent you and e-mail that is over 21k (21,000 bytes). But is can also happen when you don't have enough memory to perform an operation.

The best way to check is to go to the File Manager from the Main Menu. Look in the upper right hand corner of the screen next to the words Bytes Free. If this number is not 300,000 or greater then you do not have enough memory for the unit to function properly and a KR09 error is likely for anything you try to do.

If the Bytes Free are less than 300,000 then the first thing that I would do is to look for a file named Default Scrapbook. Click one single time on the named Default Scrapbook. Then hit the Delete Key in the upper right hand corner of your Key Board. Then Click the Delete button on you screen.

Now check the member next to Bytes Free. If it is still not over 300,000 then there is probably another file that was sent to you as an e-mail attachment. This will be a file that has an that says DOS. Or it will be a file that ends with .exe, .gif, .zip or .jpg these are file types that the GeoBook can not normally handle. So you can safely delete these as well. (If you are concerned or convinced that these are not disposable files then you can always copy these files to floppy and take the disk to a Windows computer to attempt to view them there. This way you can learn for your self what they are.)

If after all this you still do not have over 300,000 Bytes Free then you have a file or two somewhere on the F: drive, and you will either have to find the file(s) on your own or Format the unit.