Free Paper Hats and Caps


Here you can find our very affordable (free) original paper hats and caps that you can print out, cut out the templates and assemble to be fully functional hats!

Wear them to the beach, a picnic, at the office, at the playground, at school, anywhere!

Perfect for a party activity, simple craft project fro kids, camp group project, great for field trips!

Free Paper Thinking Cap

Your Brains best friend! Get back to school with your very own thinking cap!


Free Fractal Flag Hat
Fractal Flag Cap

Celebrate this patriotic holiday with this colorful red, white and blue paper hat!


Free Paper Duck Hat
Free Duck Paper Hat

Cute hat that resembles a baby duck. Great free craft for Easter!


Free Fractal Irish Hat
Free Green Fractal Paper Hat for St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't have anything green to wear? Print out our Irish green free paper hat.


Free Valentine's Day Paper Hat
Free Valentines Day Paper Hat

Happy Valentines Day - Dress up for your Valentine! Print out a bunch and have a Valentines Day Party...


Free Paper Pumpkin Hat
Free Halloween Pumpkin Hat
Happy Halloween! Build your own Halloween Paper Pumpkin Hat for Parties or trick or treating!


Free Google Gulp Cap

In honor of Google and their cute April Fools joke.



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