Windows 95 Switches for troubleshooting

These switches are to be used at a MSDOS command prompt.
They are useful for diagnosing some Windows 95 problems.

At the MSDOS command prompt type: win /d: switch (this will display all switches)

These are the available MSDOS command switches:

f - Disables 32 bit disk access - Use this if there is disk problems or Windows 95 stalls. This is equivalent to the command: 32bitdiskaccess=false in the System.ini file.

m - Starts Windows 95 in Safe Mode.

s - Prevents Windows 95 from using the upper memory ROM address space between F000 and FFFF. Use this if Windows 95 stalls during the start up. This is the same as the SystemRombreakpoint=false command in the System.ini file.

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