How to stop Windows 95 from randomly searching the floppy drive

(These solutions are not perfect)

A strange bug has popped up in Windows-95,here the floppy drive (or drives) is searched everytime an application is launched. This problem is not confined to the use of Explorer, or necessarily on systems with Norton Navigator installed. This problem is not caused by an initial access to the floppy, as rebooting does not solve the problem.

The following are possible solutions to this problem:

1) Clear the documents menu.

2) Clear Unwanted Entries from the Start Menu's Run Command.

3) Check for any viruses on your system (some users have reported the NEUVILLE virus)

4) Search your hard disk for all .PIF that point to programs on a floppy drive.

5) Take out LocalLoadHigh=1 from your MSDOS.SYS file.

6) Check HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID in the Registry for any references to OCX's or DLL's referenced on the floppy. - submitted by Joseph LeVasseur.

If you're using Norton Navigator 95:

1) Clear Norton Navigator's Run history (or disable the Run history all together).

2) If you're noticing this behavior with only a particular applications, you must clear the History List for that application.

3) Download the bug fix from

Other programs known to cause this problem:

1) McAfee Antivirus '95 - try removing this program entirely, or just disabling the Access and Shutdown options in the Scan Disks On area in the Detection tab of the VShield Configuration Manager.

2) FirstAid '95 - try removing this program or disabling certain features. Long Filenames for Windows95 - View Software has a patch that supposedly fixes this problem.

3) Hijack for Windows95 - turning off Enable HiJaak shell extensions in the Hijack Control Panel.

4) Konica Picture Show - try removing this program entirely.

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