How to use a non-OEM CD-ROM drive with an AST HD (HARD DISK RESTORE) KIT

To make an AST Hard Disk Restore (HDR) floppy work on an AST with a non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) CD ROM drive:

First, you need to include in the autoexec.bat and config.sys files the lines that control your non-OEM CD ROM drive. (This information should have come with your CD ROM drive. Either on paper or on disk.)

In the autoexec.bat file the line will include MSCDEX followed by /d:drivename (where drivename is the name assigned to the cd rom drive you are using. But it CAN be called anything up to 8 letters and or numbers). Also, do not change /d: this is not a drive letter!

The config.sys will have a line that contains the same /d:drivename. This SHOULD work. But some times there is a line in the autoexec.bat that erases the config.sys file. So be SURE to make a COPY of the HDR floppy. (To copy a disk, First write protect the disk. Then goto dos and type DISKCOPY A: A: and follow on the screen directions. Don't type the quotes at the begining and end.) Only edit the copy, not the original.