How to make an AST HDR (hard disk restore disk)

1) Go to ARI-Service File downloads.

2) Search by system name or by part number to find the HDR disk file for your computer. If you cannot locate the file you can email support.

3) Download the file to an empty folder on your hard drive. (DO NOT SAVE THE FILE TO THE FLOPPY DISK IT WONT WORK!) While the file is downloading read the information on the page.

4) When the file finishes downloading go to Windows Explorer.

5) Go to the folder that contains the file.

6) Double click the file. It will expand into other files. One will be called EXTRACT.

7) Put a blank formatted 3 1/2 inch square floppy disk in the drive.

8) Double click the file named EXTRACT. This will write to the floppy disk.

This is your new HDR (Hard Disk Restore floppy).

The correct way to do an AST hard disk restore

1) Insert both the HDR floppy diskette and the ASTWorks Data CD it to the floppy and CD ROM drives.

2) Reboot the computer.

3) Wait for it to ask the question Do you want to proceed? Answer NO.

4) At the A:\> prompt type FDISK /MBR and hit return. You will see the A:\> prompt in a few seconds.

5) Then type FDISK and hit return.

6) Chose option 4 to see the partition information.

7) Hit ESC to go back to the main menu.

8) Choose option 3 and then option 1 to remove partition information.
Then 1 and hit enter.

9) Then the volume label. Type it EXACTLY as it is written above. (The _ is the shift key and the minus (-) Then type Y and hit enter.

10) Then hit ESC to continue.

11) Then at the main menu chose option 1 then option 1

12) It will ask if you if you want to use the maximum available size for the partition, hit Y to answer yes. Some systems will ask if you want to make the partition active. If so answer yes.

13) Then press ESC to exit FDISK This will bring you back to the A:/>

14) Wait for it to ask the question Do you want to proceed? Answer NO again.

15) At the A:\> type FORMAT /U C: Depending on the size of your hard drive this can take between 10 and 45 minutes.

16) When it's done it will ask you for a volume label. Just hit enter. (The volume label. will be changed shortly) Then you will come back to the A:\>

17) Reboot.

18) Then answer NO then type FORMAT /U C: and hit return.

19) Wait for it to ask the question Do you want to proceed? Answer YES this time.

20) Follow the prompts from here and you should have no problems. These actions will erase and eliminate all data on your system. And return the original software configuration as it was when it left the factory.

If you have any problems call tech support.


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