How to Conduct a Modem/ Phone Line Test

Found this page within the USRobotics support pages, it gives this phone number for modem V90 modem line test: (847) 330-2780 - (I do not know if this number still works).

Still have not been able to confirm that the above phone number works for the modem line test, it is busy everytime I have tried.

There are 3 things that determine what speed you connect at.

1) Modem speed (28.8, 33.6, 56k etc)
2) Phone line quality and Capacity
3) Speed of your Internet Service Provider.

To conduct a phone line capacity test in Windows 95/98/ME

1) Go to Start>Accessories>Communications>click on Hyperterminal.

2) Double click on the Hypertrm .

3) Type in Line Test at the prompt for name, click OK.

4) Delete anything in Area Code and leave blank.

5) For phone number type in : 18473302780 (no dashes, no spaces) click OK.

6) Next window to come up, verify that it has the correct phone # just given.

7) Click on Connect or Dial

8) In the white window after connecting you'll be asked how you want to receive graphics. You won't need graphics for this test, so press [Enter] to answer No.

9) Next, you'll be asked for a user name Simply type Line Test to initiate the x2/56k test, which will take up to a minute to complete. When it's finished, US Robotics will tell you what the highest speed you will be able to attain on your phone line.