How to use Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is a file management utility that is packaged with Windows. There are other file management utilities that can be installed, one very good one is Windows Commander, featured on our downloads page

Here are 2 ways that you can start Window Explorer:

1) Left Click Start, Left Click Programs then left click on Windows Explorer.

2) Right Click on top of the Start Button and left click on Explore in the menu

The Windows Explorer window is divided in to 2 sides.

On the left side at the top it says Folders.

On the right side at the top it says the name of the drive or directory currently being viewed in that window.

This is the same drive or directory that has been selected on the left.

When WINDOWS EXPLORER is first opened there is a minus sign - next to the C: drive on the left, and all of the folders are listed underneath it. If there is a plus sign + next to a drive or folder that means that there are more folders inside that drive or folder. To see which folders are inside a folder or drive with a plus sign + to the left of it., just click the plus sign +. To hide these folders click the minus -.

To view the files and folders IN a drive or folder click the drive or folder on the left and it's contents appear on the right. You can also look into the folders on the right to view their contents, also on the right. The corresponding folder on the left will now be selected and the name of the opened folder appears at the top on the right.

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