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Aquatic Life Paper Toys

Free paper models of fish, whales, seals, catfish, turtles, frogs, crab, lobster, octopus, shark, dolphin, alligator...


Anomalocaris - Interesting paper model of an ancient creature called an Anomalocaris (abnormal shrimp).

Canon - Tree frog, Green Sea Turtle, Bottle nose Dolphin. Blue Whale with stand.

Cute Animals - Shark and Turtle.

Epson Japan - Sword Fish, Clown Fish (Nemo), Asian Arowana Fish, Seal balancing ball, very rare Dowafusofisshu, and othe bright colorful tropical fish paper models, including Pop-Ups and Dioramas all very nice.

Jamstec - Very nice paper models of aquadic life found on the deep sea floor around the world, up to 4500 feet (1400 meters) deep. Chouchinankou (Lantern Fish), Sakebikunin (Tadpole like), Jaiantoshaberunozurei (huge flat fish), Nagadzueeso (very strange fish), Mendako (Octopus/jellyfish-like), Oogusokumushi (isopod/Crustation), Ogasawara (crab like).

Lionfish - The Lionfish model is at the very bottom of the page.

PDF Land - Paper toys of a blue Fish, Frog, Sea Serpent, Mermaid and Penguin

Mark the Shark - Clever design of a paper toy blue shark.

Moving Fish - Very cute and clever moving paper fish! Simple to make!

Pirate Fish - Cute fish with a pirate hat and eye patch.

Sasatoku Original Papercraft - Some simple and more complex paper model fish: Spiny lobster, Rock-fish, Butterfly fish, Box fugu, Satsuki trout, Jellyfish, Ocean sunfish, River crab, Kuma, Nanyang peeling, and an Angler fish all very nice. There is also a calender you can print that feature the same fish.

Trout and Seasons of the Mountain Village - Three pages of beautiful realistic models of every kind of trout you can think of with display stands. Beautiful work!

Whale & Colorful Fish - A few colorful tropical fish as well Nice!

Yamaha Paper Craft - Swordfish pop-up card, Gold fish, Seal, Coelacanth, Yellow Footed Tortoiseand River Dolphin. Also Loggerhead Turtle, Japanese River Otter in the Rare Animals of Japan section.

Zooguu - Simple and cute Blue Octopus.

Eclipse My Scene Bexley Blackout Window Curtain Panel

Better Homes and Gardens Beach Day 5-Piece Comforter Set, Peach

Little Mermaid Multi-Bin Toy Organizer

Morro Bay Quilt Set

Whale Shelf - Pillowfort

Better Homes and Gardens Bright Dotted Circles Olefin Rug

 26" Huffy Cranbrook Women's Cruiser Bike, Pistachio

DreamWorks A New Home Pillow Buddy

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