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Birds, Bugs and Fairies Paper Toys

Free paper models of birds, ducks, chicks, owls, parrots, penguins, condor, pelican...


Birds and Butterfly Mobiles - Make a mobile of birds, butterflies or other animal themes.

Canon Paper Craft - In Science: Ladybug, Butterfly, Lots of Beetles, Praying Mantis, Dragonfly. In Animals/Other Animals: Falcon, Budgerigar, Pink Flamingo, Shoebill Bird, Toucan, Peacock, Bald eagle with wings spread! Lucky Items: Snowy Owl, Chinese Phoenix.

Chicken, Happy New Year - Also very nice wolf, mountain goat, mermaid, buffalo, bear, dolphin along with the cute chicken.

Crow with Sound - Very cute paper toy crow that when you blow through the hole in the top of his cute head it makes a harsh rasping crow like sound! A very unique toy.

Cupid Fair - Penguins, baby seals, sea turtle and other animals.

Duck, Mandarin and Heron - Very nice paper model birrds from Peramodel

Goose - Paper model goose wearing a hat and carrying a bottle of sake on his back. Goose character from a PS3 and PSP game series. Cute.

Java Sparrows - Start at the second set of links under the Java Sparrow image. There is many different Java Sparrow color schemes and instructional images from that point on. Very Cute bird!

Johan Scherft - Very nice paper models of birds. A few of his papercraft bird are free and others not. Hummingbirds, the Wren, Firecrest and the Kingfisher birds are free. There may be more. It is an intesting site to browse, especially if you love birds.

Konica Minolta - Butterfly, Cape Penguin, Golden Eagle. Red Macaw Parrot, all very nice.

Mallard Ducks - Wagtail bird as well.

Penguins - A black and a blue penguin from Kids Nifty

Penguin, Tux the Linux - Cute sitting Linux penguin.

Pikaland Paper Bird - A cute simple color-me paper toy bird.

Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Model - Turkey, makes a great place card for the Thanksgiving table. One of our originals.

Tinker Bell - A very nice paper model of the Disney Fairies character Tinker Bell.

Toucan - Nice Toucan bird shelf sitter or monitor topper.

Yamaha Paper Craft - Seasonal Scene of Japan: Japanese bush warbler. Great paper models of California Condor, Pelican, Cape Penguin, Yellow-Eyed Penguin and under Rare Animals of Japan - Crane, Golden Eagle, Blakiston's Fish Owl

Bug Paper Toys:

Bugs - Very nice paper models of Beetles, Lady Bug on leaf, Locust, Mantas, Red Dragonfly, Swallowtail Butterfly, and a Niiniizemi. You have to download and install a free version of DocuWorks Viewer Light to print the bug paper models. The English version of the viewer is available here.

Canon / Insects - Lots of different type Beetles, Buttlerflies, Grasshoppers, Praying Mantis, Dragon Fly, Lady Bug and many other paper toy bugs.

Paper Model Factory - Realistic giant hornet, scorpian, cicda husk.

PDFLand - Nice paper models of a Cicada bug, Kingfisher bird and a simple cute penguin.

Sanwa Paper Models - Butterfly, beetle, dragonfly

Insects and Anthropods by Robert J. Lang - Amazing Insect origami crease patterns for: Beetles, Scorpians, Spiders, Butterflies, Walking Stick, Water Strider, Silverfish, Cicadas, Dragonfly, Grasshopper, Centipedes, Horsefly, just to name a few of these great origami bugs.

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Vue Monarch Bedding Comforter Set

Intelligent Design Liliana Damask Quilt Set

Mainstays Kids' Royal Plush Butterfly Accent Rug, 30" x 46

Zoomer Meowzies, Blossom, Interactive Kitten with Lights, Sounds and Sensors

your zone bird cage lamp with floral pink and white shade

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