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Free Halloween Paper Crafts and Paper Toys

Free Halloween papercrafts, paper models, printables to help you decorate for Halloween. All you need is a printer, glue and scissors...


Canon Halloween - Halloween dioramas, witches hat, jack-o-lantern, Halloween tree and masks. Look in Gift & Card for Halloween Pop-Up cards, sliding cards and other clever greeting cards.

Claw Mask - Unique 3d mask of a skeleton hand with arm grabbing your face. Cool.

CubeeCraft/ Halloween - Cute Halloween Hakos: Jack Skellington, several Hako versions of Jack-o-Lanterns, Zombie, Ghost, Vampire, Frankenstein's Monster, Pinhead, Dexter, Wolfman, and many more.

Disney Experience - You will have to search or browse for these Halloween paper toys, they are not categorized. Demon Clock with optional modified parts that will allow you to install a working clock kit, which turns your paper model into a functioning clock! Also Haunted Mansion Paper Models, Tower of Terror.

FrankenPaper Monster - Our Frankenstein paper model kits.

Disney Family - Choose "Show More" to get to the Halloween masks, activity pages, and more.

Epson Creative Zone

Forbes: Faces To Fear On Halloween This Year - Masks of Bill Gates as Frankenstein, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and more.

Goobeetsa - Simple paper toys of Zombie Freud, Gill Stein, Tutankhamoon, Beelzebone and a Design your own Halloween monster blank paper toy.

Halloween Pumpkin Hat - Our design!

Haunted Dimensions Paper Model Purgatory - The Bates House from the movie Psycho! Phantom Manor Paper Model Kit is now available. Haunted Mansion, Entrance Pillar and Crypts by paper model artist Ray Keim, all great models with lots of detail.

Kirin Halloween - Witch hat, Halloween haunted house centerpiece, Frankenstein monster and bat masks, witch on a broom, pumpkin basket. All very nice.

MaculaTV - Zombie paper toy, ghost box, monster paper toys, haunted house treat box, wolf man, vampire, witch paper toy and many more very cute Halloween paper toys.

One Sheets Not Enuf - Classic monsters: Frank, Mummy, Skeleton, and Zombie coming soon.

Paper Clone - How to create a life size paper model clone of yourself or you could make a paper model of a monster Halloween prop, zombie porch greeter or scary life-size butler to answer the door for Halloween, the only limits are your imagination and time!

Paper Face Masks - At the bottom of the page if your choice of free paper model face masks of: Kate Blanchett, Brad Pitt, David Letterman, Bruce Willis, Angelina Jolie and more. Could be used as Halloween masks or the face of a homemade Halloween prop. You can even order a custome face mask.

Papercraft Skull with Articulated Jaw - Simple paper model skull with moveable jaw.

Paper Toys Art - Very nice and unique looking paper toys: Black cat and pumpkin, Marcelo the bat, Mummy, Senor Zapallo who is a hybrid between a cactus and a pumpkin, Count Orlok Nosferatu, Crazy Pumpkin Candy Dish, Baby Bat, Halloween ScareCrow and more.

Paper Witch Shoes

Perfect Candy Corn Dish - Very cute bat-winged heart shaped treat dish!

Pumpkin Box - Our own creation.

RavensBlight, Amazing! - Designed by a great artist here are some amazing free Halloween paper toys: Pop-up Vampires, Hearse Carriage, Ravensblight Main Street, Haunted Houses, Human Skull, Human Skeleton, Coffin Boxes, Monsters, Splatterbot, Bat Mobile, Skeleton Marionette, Haunted House Pop-up Card, Halloweem Greeting Cards, Magic Tricks, and a ton more!

Samurai Helmet

Skeleton - Very cute papercraft skeleton.

Skull - A paper model of a human skull and a storm trooper helmet.

Snap Up Pumpkin - A ruberband powered model by the master of motion.

Spider Web Pie Treat Boxes

Telman's Public Gallery - There are Hako type paper models of a witch, mummy, vampire, ghost, Frankenstein's monster, and other holiday models as well.

Yamaha Papercraft - Jack O Lantern and friendly witch on broom.

Zardoz Mask - Sean Connery wore in the movie Zardoz.


Angel of Death Life Size Animated Halloween Prop

Snow White Costume Bodysuit for Baby - Personalizable

Belle Limited Edition Costume for Kids

Airblown Minnie Mouse Witchicon

Neon Orange Net Make a Halloween Entrance Curtain with Tension Rod

Rainbow Ombre Tailored Curtain Panel / Valance

Student Desk with Lamp and Chair Value Bundle, Multiple Colors


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