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31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box for Kids

BackLighter Template - How to Scan 35 mm Slides On a Flatbed Scanner.

Cardboard Cad-A-Pult - Instructions for how to make a catapult out of cardboard.

Cardboard Columns With 16 Million Facets - This is amazing! Desiner Hansmeyer's column stands nine feet tall, weighs 2000 pounds, and is made out of 2700 thin slices of cardboard stacked on top of wooden cores. Must see and read.

Cipher Machine

Dover Publications - Sign up for the Dover Sampler, and each week we’ll send you an email with links to free content from books favored by customers like you. Download, print, enjoy!

French Antique Paper Theater - Over 200 sheets of paper project parts, Most from the 1920's.

Jen Stark - Beautiful paper cut designs.

Make a Ukulele out of Cardboard

Making Toy Theatres

Mr. McGroovys - Free plans for cardboard play structures: castle, pirate ship, space ship, train and more. He also sells "box rivets"

Paper Model Forum - Mike Hungerford's Google Groups.

PDO File Viewer - Pepakura Viewer is a free PDO viewer that is offered from the same software company as Pepakura Designer.

Readiymate - Download free templates that are blank to customize and make them your own.

Scale Model Net - Has a free paper model category, very nice.

Strickly Paper - David Graham: The Move-it Kit - Clever carboard box on wheels. No template that I can find but it is a clever design. Browse the rest of Strickly Paper, there are lots of clever paper and carboard designers featured here. This box on wheels would be great for moving into a college Dorm, where you have limited space.

Turn a Paper Plane into a Drone - Paper airplane drone controlled by your Smartphone!

Working Paper Claw

Paper Model/Paper Toy Making Helpers and Paper Model Software

123D Make - Free software for MAC, PC or an online App that turns 3D models into paper models or layered cardboard. you can then print it yourself, or order it! Seems very cool. There is a tutorial here. I am sure there are lots more tutorials out there.

Blender - Very popular free open source 3d modeling program. Has an unfolder plugin called Unfolder that will unfold your 3d models.

Blender Paper Model Maker - A plug-in for the 3D program Blender that will unfold 3D Models. Look for "Paper Model" in the list.

Dt Online - Has an interactive package/box design section.

Freeform Origami - Origamizer and Rigid Origami Simulator can be downloaded from the same page. Here is an article about the programs: New algorithm generates folding patterns to produce any 3-D origami structure

Free Paper Model Design eBook - A free ebook on how to design paper models using Blender an open sporce 3D modeling program. Download is in the upper right area of page.

Gear Template Generator

Geometric Model Software and Makers

Metasequoia - 3d modeling program, freeware version available

MilkShape 3D - Low cost 3d modeling program

Pepakura Designer - Very nice paper model creator!

Paper-Kit - They charge 2 Euros but it still is very cool! You upload photos of your head and thier web app will create a fully textured paper model of your head! You can also upload 3D models made with Sketch-Up and Blender as well. Every model bulder will want to spend a lot of time on this site!

SketchChair - Software that allows you to design your own cardboard chairs and furniture.

SketchUp - Google's 3d modeling program. There is a functional free version. We love the program, though we are still learning to use it.

Sketchup Unfold Script - 3rd party script that allows you to unfold in Google's Sketchup modeling program. Easy to use.

Starfleet Museum

Star Ship Schematics - Free schematics covering Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, Babylon 5 and Space Battleship Yamato, Very Nice!


Ultimate Papercraft 3D - Papercraft designer software for MS Windows. There is a demo trial version available.

Ultimate Unwrap3D - Ultimate Unwrap3D is a speciality Windows tool for unwrapping 3D models. Demo available.

Also see our directory of animated paper model design tools, here.

Student Writing Desk with 3 Fabric Bins, Multiple Colors

Mainstays Orkasi Bed in a Bag

My Room Outer Space Bed in a Bag

Camaro 12-Volt Battery-Operated Ride-On, Red with Racing Stripes

Spider-Man 6-Volt Small Car Ride-Onicon

Step2 Four Seasons Playhouse

Playhut Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Raiser Vehicle

Step 2 Creative Projects Table

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Capers Erasable Activity Table Set with 3 Markers

Chantilly Lane 19" Betsy Patriotic Bear Sings God Bless America



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