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Paper Model Animals:

Domestic Pet Paper Toys

Canon Pets - Syrian Hamster, Saint Bernard Dog, Poodle. Mouse, Labrador Retrievers, Dachshund, Shiba, Chihuahua with outfits, Japanese Bobtail Cat, American Shorthair Cat. Lucky Cats under the "Items" 3d papercraft category.

Cat, Alchymists - From a wizards book, very nice. One of my favorites.

Cat, Angel and Bunny - Go to paper models at top then select from the empty boxes near top. Or, click the New image.

Cat, Hako

Cat, Orange Tabby - Kitty box, simple and cute! Poezendoos

Ceiling Cat

Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland - The Chehire Cat is one of my favorite charcters from the fantastic story of Alice in Wonderland. Just in time for the release of the movie Tim Burton's 3D Alice in Wonderland!

Dogs and Cats - Very nice paper models of a Dachshund, Saint Bernard, Poodle, Tortoiseshell cat, and a Persian cat. You must download and install a free version of DocuWorks Viewer Light to open and print the paper models.

Eastern's Toy Box - Cute Cat at the bottom of the page.

Hound Dog - Bartolomeu the hound dog. Cute and simple.

Kids Nifty - White and a black-and-white Chihuahuas. Orange tabby and calico kittens. Bunnies. Robotic dogs. All very cute!

Maneki Neko Lucky cat with waving arm.

Megabyte Paper Model Cat - Our very own paper cat!

Mouse Hug Friendly, adorable and simple cartoon mouse.

Paper Museum - Cute and simple paper toy puppy dogs with their own houses

Puss in Boots Movie Papercraft - Close the intial Puss in Boots window with the X in the upper right corner, then click "Print and Create" for the 3D paper models of the characters from the animated movie "Puss in Boots"! There are other Puss in Boots papercraft and coloring pages as well. Cute! You do not have to join the Print Club to get these paper toys and paper crafts, I think you can get additional content if you do.

Raspera - Super Real Paper Craft - The only free paper toys are near the top as "Sample1" etc. A total of 3 free very nice samples.

Spons the Purple Cat - A paper model or a cat comic character from Amber Greenlee's Web comic, No Stereotypes.

Sleeping Kitty Cat - Very nice paper toy of a and Japanese kotatsu cat (found in Seasonal Scenes of Japan) from Yamaha Paper Crafts. In addition there are many rare animals of the world and of Japan. This site is a must see for every animal lover and paper modeler.

Disney 6-Volt Battery-Powered Electric Ride-On

No Tools Assembly - Desk with Hutch, Pink and White or Blue or Greenicon

Hello Kitty SUV 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On

Crayola Purrty Cat 3-piece Comforter Set

The Pioneer Woman Butterfly Cat 18x18 Decorative Pillow

Hello Kitty Activity Table and Chairs Set

Hello Kitty Saucer Chair

My Little Pony Collapsible Storage Trunk

Hello Kitty - Springtime Friends 4-piece Toddler Bedding Set or Bundle

FurReal Friends JJ, My Jumpin' Pug Pet

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Sleepover Set with BONUS Hamper





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