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Airplanes and Helicopters Free Paper Models

Free paper models of airplanes and helicopters

747, 737 and Airbus 380 - Free paper model airplanes.

A. Suzuki 's Paper Aircraft Laboratory Including Postcard and Business card size

Aero Carriage Paper Model - Richard Cherry created this very nice paper model of a flying machine from discovered in the late 1800's. The plan is thought to be the design of the famous scientist Nicola Tesla.

Beechcraft Starship

Bobs Card Models - Lots of very nice paper model airplanes.

Business card - which makes up into a simple little plane.

Canadian CF-100 (1956 C.A.E.) - Very nice, detailed paper model.

Canon - Macchi M.C.72 Sea Plane, Wright Flyer, Spirit of St. Louis, Virgin Atlantic A340-600, Vietnam Airlines Airbus 320, Starflyer Airbus A320

Classic Controliners - Very Nice!

Commercial Airliner - Simple blank template for a paper toy airliner. There is a lot more templates on this site, browse the menu on left.

Curtiss JN-4

DaVinci's Helicopter - A Cryptex and Gear Sphere as well.

Eastern's Toy Box - Jets (scroll down)

Falco Model in Red or Blue - Look for "Red Falco Model" or "Blue Falco Model" in the text for the free paper airplane models.

Fly'N Things - Amazing Paper Airplanes - WWII / Pacific: Mitsubishi Zero, Flying Tigers P-40, F6F Hellcat, SBD-6 Dauntless, Achi Val, Nakajima Oscar. Modern: F117 Stealth Fighter.

Fokker Dr.1 Paper Model

Fokker dVII paper model airplane

Fokker VIII

Fu-Ken's Room - Go to gallery then near bottom

Gee Bee R2

Gossamer Albatross

Heppoko Paper Model Studio - AH64D-Apache Paper model Heliocopter.

Japan TransOcean Airlines

Kancho's Paper Wings - Very nice paper model of a Grumman A-6E Intruder, a twin engine, mid-wing attack aircraft built by Grumman Aerospace,

Les Avions - Go to Avion/Plain at the top for the free paper plane.

Maquettes en Papier - Paper Models of French Air Force Jets, Nice.

Paper Inside - Albatros DrII, Embraer Super Tucano

Paragon Cardmodels - Lots of very nice card model airplanes, nicely organized.

PlayTown Toys - Helicopter paper model

Sonic Channel - Red bi-plane Tornado from Sonic Adventure.

Stahlhart Papercraft - Very nice paper models of modern and historical military jets and planes: Douglas F5D Skylancer, Grumman F11F-1 Tiger, Gloster Gladiator, Martin Marauder, Saab Draken, F/A-18 Hornet, Nanchang Q/A-5, Lavochkin, Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik.

US Air Force Jets

Wings of War Mini Planes - Nice paper model Mini war planes.

Wright Brothers Aircraft (1900-1903)

WWI Plane LVG C.I-Model

YS-11, C-1, and T-400 Papercraft Airplanes

Yuki's Flying Cardmodels - DHC-1 Chipmunk, BAE Systems Hawk T1. of RAF Red Arrows, Saab J35F Draken.

Disney's Planes Drapery Curtain Panel, Set of 2

Mainstays Contemporary Office Chair, Multiple Colors

Alpha Bravo Charlie Bedding Quilt Set

All Star Bed In A Bag Bedding Set

Oversized Moon Chair, Multiple Colors

your zone metal full bed, multiple colors

Away We Go Reversible Microfiber Bedding Comforter Set

Fun Rugs High-Speed Kids' Rug

Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Activity Table Set

Airplane Lamp

Disney Mickey Mouse Bed Tent with Pushlight

olaris Outlaw 12-Volt Ride-On, Red by Peg Perego

Huffy Disney Planes 14" Bike - White/Orange


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