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Free Paper Airplanes - Flying

Free printable diagrams and instructions on how to build paper airplanes that fly...

757 Glider Kit from Nasa

Alex's Paper Airplanes - From easy to hard to make paper airplane instructional videos: Rapier, Paper Helicopter, Rocket, Flying Fish, Blimp/Zeppelin, Dragon, Shadow, Swallow, Trapezium, Napkin Paper Airplane, Cobra, Sabertooth...


Best Paper Airplanes - Ten original flying designs: Tumbler, Canada Goose, Condor, Duck, Spike, Katydid, Slider, Zump...

Brother Paper Airplanes - Cicada, Dart, Delta, and Glider. Nice!

Canon - Hawk, Passenger Plane, Simple Plane, Flying-boat, Biplane, Super Glider, Racer538 and 539.

Cerveza Craft - Lots of gliders with differnet graphics and designs.

Four-Wing Paper Boomerang - Print out from paint program. Print out 2 pages on card stock and glue back to back if you don't have file folder.

Future Flight Design - NASA Future Flight Design: X-43A, F-16XL, Space Shuttle, Centurion.

Innovative Paper Planes - Innovative flying Paper Airplanes with unique names: Cathedral, Fig Leaf, Frog, Holly Leaves, Inside-Out Pine Tree, Long Nose Plier, Metal Cutter, Musical Hammer, Needle Tower, Palace, Pteranodon, Swordfish, and lots more.

Supercharge a Paper Airplane - Instructions on how to Turn a paper model airplane into a motorized airplane. The Kit does cost, but you can download the paper airplane model for free.

JASDF Paper Airplane - Flying paper airplane from Japan Air Self-Defense Forse.

Joseph Palmer's Paper Airplanes - Hybrid, Squarenose, Gullwing, Joe's Favorite flying paper airplane.

Kyong Lee's Amazing Paper Airplanes - Folding Instructions with color artwork sheets to fold from: Harrier Jet, F-15 Eagle, Nighthawk, Space Shuttle, Falcon, Airliner 717, Supersonic Concorde, Triplet, Cruise Missile, Basic Dart, Delta_Fighter, Seaplane, Bellybutton Glider. Very Nice.

Matthias Gutfeldt's Page - Butterfly plane, Arrow, Matt3000, Maze Plane, Simpleton.

Mcshane's Planes - Old Faithful, Lecture Dart, Bucket Plane, Japanese Flyer, F15, Slow Plane.

Models Centrum - Go to "Download a free model" in left menu fpr Sailplane.

OmniWing - Designed in the early 1970's as a distance competition wing. The OmniWing is a fast flier with good stability and a good glider ratio...

Paper Airplane Museum Series - Lots of flying paper airplane models and many are powered by a really neat rubber catapult.

PaperRang, Cardstock - Actually our own design of a boomerang made from cardstock, flys very well!

Roto Copter - Fun instructions on how to build and fly the classic Roto Copter. I think everyone has built one of these simple paper copters at least once as a child!

Rubber Band Paper Airplanes - Slingshot style flying paper airplanes.

Stamp Out Plain Paper Airplanes - Colorful airplane design sheets: Monarch Butterfly, Scarlet Macaw, Splat, Dalmatian, Flight School, Safari, Hot Chili, Space Opera.

Walkalong Glider - Instuctions and video demostrating what a Walkalong Glider is. Fun!

X1 Paper Glider Kit


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