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Science Fiction Free Paper Models

Bastelbogen - Paper model Space cruiser.

Caricature Paper Models by Pedro Seidel - Very nice caricature models of Batman, Superman, Robocop, Bender from Futurama, there are lots more, but these are the only downloads. Search for "Download Bastelbogen" on the page and you will find them.

Chthulhu's Paper Models - Tom Swift's Outpost in Space, rocket ships, flying Saucer, shuttle Pod, robots and many more very nice science fiction paper models!

Cubecraft - Paper models from the great video games Portal and Portal 2: Aperture Science Sentry Turret Retail Box, Chell, Storage Cube (Portal 2), Vintage Storage Cube, and the Weighted Companion Cube.

Cut & Paste Sci-Fi - Martian TriPod, R2-D2, Sevships, The Day the Earth Stood Still free paper models.

DaiShi's PaperCraft - Complex paper models from the video games: Skyrim, Warhammer 40k, Mass Effect, and others.

Domatine Paper Models - Surak Class Ship, Mean Machine, Space 1999 Eagle free paper model from the popular science fiction series.

Dave's Geeky Papercrafts - Dave has a Guardians Of The Galaxy Cassette Player. Some video game related models. Popular TV show logos including Breaking Bad's Los Pollos fast food bags.Clever masks for your door peep hole, including R2D2. His blog is worth a good look.

DPileggi's Picks - Gary Pilsworth's models of the Thunderbird 5, Stingray, Terrorfish, Moonbus, Seaview and the Spindrift. Disney's WALL-E by Gary Pilsworth. Babylon 5 Vorlon Fighter, Sentri Class Interceptor, Heavy Fighter, Hyperion Class Heavy Cruiser, Starfury and more.

Doctor Who Action Figure Theatre - Sets that are scaled for action figures from the Dr. Who series. There is also some sets from Indiana Jones and others.

Dr. Who Paper Models - from Paper Miniatures Annex.

Dr. Who - The Ultimate Dalek Factory

Erick's Models - Very nice free paper model spacecraft from Homeworld and some Star Wars paper model spacecraft.

Godzillu - Unique science fiction paper model monsters.

Heavy Gear Terrain - Textures, Giant Stonehead, Camel Container, Caprice Globe, Barnaby Transport, Terra Novan Globe, Comm Tower and more from the tactical miniatures game Heavy Gear Blitz.

Ironman 2 Papercraft - Very nice Ironman 2 paper models of War Machine, Mark VI, Ironmonger and more. Search for papercraft to find the others.

Lower Hudson Valley Challenger EGift Shop - Lost in Space robot, NSEA Protector from the movie Galaxy Quest, The Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Star Trek & Starwars models, Battlestar Gallactica, rockets, spaceplanes, and lots more. All very nice.

Mayhem in Paper - A variety of different paper models mostly taken from scifi games.

MegaRanger Ship

Mithril ATV Paper Model

Modular Space Toys - There is a few interesting modular paper spaceships in the "sheets".

Moonliner - Based on the Moonliner in Tommorrow Land, Disneyland.

Nova Glasses - Science fiction paper model googles by Yukito Pia.

Paper Hobby - Very nice paper model from the hit movie Avatar and the MNU APC vehicle from the movie Distrct 9, all from Paperhobby.

Paper Toy Clemper - Slime ghosts, slime cyclops, spike the rabbit moonwalker, berserker mask from predators, The Joker mask, Jurassic Park entrance gate, cyclop form the seventh voyage of sinbad and more.

Phillip Fickling Paper Engineer - A Cthulhu perched on a box. For those who do not know, the Cthulhu made it;s debut in 1928 in the science fiction magazine "Weird Tales" in a story called "The Call of Cthulhu".

Planet of the Apes Icarus Model - Simple and nice.

Portal Companion Cube - How to make a fully 3D (not textured mapped) life size card stock model of the Companion Cube from the great game Portal!

Rosie Retrorocket

SD-Sascha - Final Fantasy paper papercrafts and many others, nice.

Sheila's Papermodels - A Tangram, chess set, medieval trebuchet, doublebladed axe, spiked mace, longsword and morningstar, all very nice, especially the trebuchet. All in Download at top.

Sherry Lou Toys - PaperBlox Logan's Run pop sculpture. A simple paper craft from the 1977 science fiction movie Logan's Run. Looks kind of like a movie stand-up you see in theaters. There is also a free print & build custom G.I. Joe box.

SpacePort - Retro - 1953 retro spaceport diorama.

Space Ship

Spice Harvester - from the movie and novel Dune by Frank Herbert.

Squatties - Lots of well done paper cube characters. Breaking Bad, Star Wars, zombies, and lots more.

Tate in Space Paper Models

TechThunder Ships - Also Space Cruiser free paper models.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Sunfire a Marvel mutant superhero and former member of the X-Men. Captain America. Be sure and check in the older posts.

The Work Werks

Thunderbird Paper Models - Very nice.

Tin Soldier - They offer a different free paper model every month.

Tron Paper Crafts, Disney - Tron 3D Light Cycle, 3D Recognizer, Coloring pages, recipes and more.

TubbyPaws - A cool diorama papercraft of a scene from Portal a very fun video game.

Warhammer Terminator Helmet Prop - Very cool! Step by step process on how to create this helmet prop. There is a .PDO file for download.

YAGR N 101 with Stand

Robots, Mechs, Gundam, Manga Paper Models

Assembly Robot - Nice and simple unarmed tracked vehicle robot. There is also information and directions for the International Paper Modelers Convention.

Bumblee Transformer - Amazing paper model of the Transformer robot, Bumblebee. Very complex and detailed!

FireBug Mech

Giant Robo-6

HedKase Paper Toys - New paper toy every week.

LouLou Illustrations - I love the art style of these characters: badminton enthusiast, robot, Destroy-O-Tron robot, Hover Boarder. Choose papertoys on the left.


Mokumoku FreeCraft - Gundam robots, helmets and more..

Nebula Station - Very nice paper model of Madcat (Timber Wolf) Mech from Battletech.


Paper Pioneer

Paper Robots 1999 - Transformers Jetfire and Optimus Prime which actually transforms! Birdman, Magnus Style Prime, Ash robots, Spiderman and more with unique rubber band joints. Excellent.

Portal’s P-body in Paper - For all Portal Game lovers. Also here is Frankenturret.

Ready Mech - Spoof on Hal 9000: Pal 9000 among many others.

Rodney, Cappy, Piper & Fender - From the animated movie "Robots"

Robotic Claw Business Card

Robot Paper Crafts

SF Paper Craft - Choose Sifi at top left. A very cute HAL9000 in Deformed Characters. RoboCop, Terminator, C-3PO, OptimusPrime, Superman, Gun Walker, Lens Head Recon Robot, Huey, Duey and Luie from Silent Running, Lots of Star Wars, Star Trek, check all categories. Great models!

Stalwart Robotic Missile Tank

SteamMechs - SciFi Steam Mechs from futuristic war games. Theres much more in Workshop in the left menu.

StereoBot - Cute smiley robot.

Transformers and Gundam Paper Models - Very nice Transformer paper models: Ironhide, Scrapper Papercraft, Longhaul, Rampage, Mixmaster, Hightower, Overload, Constructicon Devastator, and Transformers Scavenger Papercraft. Gundam Paper Models: Akatsuki, GAT-X105 Strike, ZGMF-X56S Blast Impulse, Sword Impulse and Force Impulse and more.

Star Trek Paper Models

Homespun Magixx - Klingon Disruptor and Nomad from "The Changeling" and Star Trek Travel Pod as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. In Hako: Kirk, Picard and more!

Hynes Papermodeling - Star Trek Wrist Communicator and a paper model phaser with a Star Trek console in the works. All very nice.

MTK's Card Craft - Engine room of the 1701 D Star Trek Starship.

Ninjatoes Papercraft - Click Star Trek under Categories on the right. U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656, The Delta Flyer, DS-9 (Deep Space Nine) Space Station, Danube-class Runabout “Rubicon”, U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205, Type-10 shuttlecraft Chaffee

Novice Cardmodel Designer - Starships, lots, nice.

Paper Aviation - USS stargazer, USS grissom, aeroshuttle and workbee. Also Star Wars, Buck Rodgers and Stargate models

Paragon Cardmodels - Star Trek Shuttle Card Models, Scout Ship, Federation Starships, Cardassian warship and freighter. Robotech & Starship Troopers Models in the "Other" menu category.

Printable Star Trek Decals - from Star Ship Modeler.

Roscoe Files - Nice Star Trek paper craft models of the Borg assimilated shuttecraft Grissom and the Shuttlecraft Chaffee, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Shuttle Galileo II

Star Trek Hakos

Ulrich Prahn's Star Trek Cardboard Models

Star Wars Paper Models

Blue Milk Special - To compliment their online parody Star Wars comic book they offer paper model milk cartons of Star Wars characters. They have four categories: Rebel, Imperial, Fringe and Other with many paper models in each category. Go to BMS Milk Cartons. Nice.

General Grievous - Cool pop-up card by Matthew Reinhart.

Ghostofman - Go to Models on the left for Trade Federation Armored Assault Tank, OOM Commander Droid, Rebel S-1 Firehawke Repulsor tank, TX-130 Sabre-class Fighter Tank, Imperial Troop Carrier, Super Battledroid Dispenser, TIE Mauler Tank, Clone Wars LAAT Hull Mod (Low Altitude Assault Transport), and many more very nice Star Wars paper models.

Laul's Papercrafts - The star of the blog is a full size paper model of a very detailed Star Wars Battle Droid! He has lots of other SciFi paper models as well.

Millennium Falcon - and X-Wing Fighter

Momir Farooq's Homepage - There are models of an X-Wing, Sith, and Assorted Tie Fighters. DX-9 Stormtrooper Transport, Snowspeeder, Sandcrawler, AT-ST, AT-AT, AT-PT, Landspeeder, Power Generators, Turbolasers, Frozen Han Solo, Power Droid, Speederbike and so very many more made for RPG gaming.

Project Vader - Han in Carbonite, Dark Lord Maul, Dark Lord, Bounty Hunter (removable helmets, very clever!), Jawa and Yoda.

R2D2 on a Budget - Plans for a full size R2D2 made of carboard.

Star Wars Characters - Nice paper models of Boba, Jango Fett, Darth Vader Helmets and paper models of Boba Fett, Clone Trooper, Commander Gree, Bacara, Storm Trooper, Sand Trooper, Obi Wan, and more.

Star Wars Origami

Star Wars Snowflakes - Very clever paper snowflakes that feature Star Wars characters.

Tektonten Papercraft

Yoda with Follow Me Eyes - Paper model of Yoda from yours truly!

Zam's Speeder - PDF

12" Huffy STAR WARS Episode VII BB-8 Bike

 Marvel Avengers 6V Battery Powered Ride-On Quad

Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda

BB-8 Rolling Luggage - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

Stormtrooper Plush Slippers for Kids - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

My Room Outer Space Bed in a Bag

Avengers Drapes, Set of 2

Star Wars Desktop Accent Lamp

Earth in My Room

Star Wars Dagobah Shower Curtain

your zone lux shag butterfly chair, Multiple Colors

Outer Space Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Spider-Man Sling Bag Slumber Set

Rocket Ship Tent

Air Hogs Atmosphere Axis

Star Wars Rebels Chopper Pillowbuddy

Star Wars Orange Utapau Clone Trooper Giant Action Figureicon

South Shore Smart Basics Small Desk, Multiple Finishes


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