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Spacecraft and Rocket Free Paper Toys

Free spacecraft, rockets, satellites, and planet paper model toys:

Archive from Nasa Kids - Various space related paper models and crafts in order to educate kids about space from NASA Kids.

AtsroLabes - Build and learn about Astrolabes.

ARES Mars Airplane - Free paper model pattern is at bottom.

Build your own Space Exploration Fleet - NASA paper models: Nanorover, Cassini - Simple & Advanced, CONTOUR, Galileo, Genesis, Lunar Prospector, Mars 2001 Odyssey, Mars Express, NEAR, Pioneer 10, SOHO, and the Stardust.

Build your own Stubby Paper Rocket! - Designed by paper model designer Robert Nava.

Canon PaperCraft/Science - H-2A Rocket, Subaru Telescope, Emergency Crew Return Vehicle, Moving Copernican & Ptolemaic System, Space Hotel, Globe, Star Chart, Sundial.

Columbia Space Shuttle Memorial

Cosmos 3M - Launch vehicle model in 1:96 scale.

Currell Graphics - Soviet N1 Rocket, SpaceShipOne, RVT Reusable Rocket Vehicle, Airships, Moon Rocket Friede, V-2 Rocket & more.

ESA Space Science - Mars Express, SOHO, Gaia, Integral, ExoMars Rover and Venus Express.

Gravity Probe B Spacecraft - Gravity Probe B is a relativity gyroscope experiment by NASA and Stanford that tests 2 predictions of Einstein's general theory of relativity.

HESSI - High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager. HESSI studies solar flares. The HESSI paper model PDF is listed under "Classroom Activities" about half way down the page.

Hubble Space Telescope - Instructions and templates for three different Hubble models: PVC, paper model and and expert paper model.

International Space Station - Offfered by CSIRO's Double Helix Science Club. Australia's national science agency.

ISS Automated Transfer Vehicle

JPL Spacecraft - Galileo, Stardust, Cassini, Deep Space Network Tracking Antenna, Mars Pathfinder, Mars Odyssey, Mars Polar Lander, Mars Climate Orbiter, Genesis, Near.

Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center Gift Shop - Saturn V rocket, Space Shuttle, Apollo capsule, and much more.

Lunar Module Kit from Gulf - Search page for "Lunar Module Kit."

Make Your Own Milky Way Model

Mars Base and Diorama - from Young Astronauts Club.

Mars Climate Orbiter Spacecraft

Mars Polar Lander - Cruise Configuration and Landed Configuration.

Mercury Capsule

Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter [MMO]

Mu Space Engineering Spacecraft - And Earth, Sun paper models, Lunar Orbiter Kaguys, MV Rocket

NASA Models Telescopes: Chandra, Hubble, SOHO, Spitzer, Webb, RXTE, Compton, Fermi, Kepler, Swift, WISE, HESSI, GLAST, Genesis. Mars: Express, Pathfinder, Rover, Odyssey, Polar Lander, Climate Orbiter. Interplanetary Spacecraft: Stardust, Cassini, Galileo, Pioneer 10, NEAR. The Moon: LRO Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Lunar Prospector. And still more.

New Millennium Calendar - Very nice, with space and science facts.

Niels Paper Models - Ariane & Viking paper model Rockets. Goddard L-13, V2 A4 v. 4 Prototype, Martin RTV-N-12 Viking 7, Hermes RV-10, Vanguard TV-0 (Viking 13), Thor-Able I (Pioneer), to name some of the paper model rockets that are featureed on this site.

Orion - NASA’s new Orion spacecraft. Build it in time for the first flight test of the actual spacecraft in December 2014!

Paper Rocket - Simple rocket that requires no glue.

Perkins-Observatory - NASA paper models: Cassini, Great Observatories and more

Phobos - Constant-scale natural boundary map of the Mars moon Phobos.

Pioneer 10 Paper Model Activity

Planets - Very Nice planet paper models

Saturn V

Science Museum - The Universe - from Canon Japan

Shenzhou Module

Skyglobe - Sky map polyhedron.

SOFIA - NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy.

SOHO Free Paper Model

Space Shuttles - Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Payloads, External Tanks. From the Crawler Transport to the Launch Tower, you can re-create the shuttle missions and build the ISS space station and so much more. This site is amazingly complete with accurate and detailed models.

Space Shuttle Glider

Spitzer Space Telescope and Delta II Paper Model telescope.

STEREO - Solar Terestrial Relations Observatory: Seeing the Sun in 3D. Free paper model is on the lower right of page.

Subaru Telescope - Japanese paper model telescope. 2000 production, 1/200 scale.

Uncle Al's Hands-On Universe Sky Wheels

Satellites / Satellite Spacecraft

Aqua and Adeos-II - Plus Earth model.

Build your own ACE Satellite

Dawn Kids - Look in Fun Activities for a Spacecraft Model. There is also a Vespa Flipbook under Explorations.

GPS Satellite Model

JWST Satellite - James Web Space telescope.


Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE)

SWAS Spacecraft The Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite.

Swift Satellite Model - Scroll down just a bit to find paper model.

Terra Satellite Model

TIMED - Choose Activities for the satellite paper model and a mobile.

Turkish Satellite Bil Sat

UB Terriers - Build your own TERRIERS satellite.

Mainstays Glass-Top Desk and Desk Chair, Multiple Colors

My Room Outer Space Bed in a Bag

Lil Rider Space Rover Battery-Operated Ride-On

Outer Space Collapsible Storage Trunk

Idea Nuova Outer Space LED Canvas Wall Art

Star Wars Han Solo Fridge

Bonnie 5 Piece Reversible Comforter Sets

Baby Boom Toddler Outer Space Nap Mat

Voice Activated R2-D2

Precious Planet 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set

Marvin the Martian Deluxe Toy Box

One Small Step Doormat

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