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Trains, Buses and Street Cars Paper Toys

Free paper toys and paper crafts of trains, buses, and street cars...

Brussels Paper Trams

Build Your Own TGV Train Set

Canon - GG1-type Electric Locomotive in "Vehicles". In "Craftown": Super express train, Railroad tracks, Passenger car, Train Signals. Also in Craftown there is a School Bus and City Buses.

Christmas Train Paper Craft - Very Cute paper model of a Christmas Train with a happy Elf as the train engineer. Happy children peering out the train passgener windows. A little hobo elf peeking out of the door of the cargo car. Very cute.

Coal Train - Paper Model of a Coal train and a couple of buses.

Delta 7 Studios - The Naughty list Coal Tender and the The Iceberg Flyer Christmas train.

Disney's Experience Paper Models - Main Street Train Station and Big Thunder Mountain RR, Engine No. 4. Browse or search to find the models.

Evan Designs - Free paper model building in several different train model scales including HO. Created with their model train software.

Hokenstrom - Mostly N-scale railroad paper models

Japanese Trains

Kirin Train - Very nice Dreams locomotive with 2 freight cars.

Kiso Railcars - Fridge Rail Motorcar and Iwasaki LM-5A Rail Motorcar.

Locomotives of the World - American Diesel Locomotive Road Switcher and Locomotives from the Swiss Federal Railways, Royal Bavarian State Railways, Germain Locomotives as well.

Make Your Own Ivor The Engine - Cute train with cartoonish train conductor and train engineer.

My Littletown Train Station - Very cute cartoonish paper toy of a smal town train station complete with people, luggage cart and train.

Paper Train Factory - 1 free sample

Rail Fan Corner - Lots of very nice paper model trains, steam locomotives and modern trains.

S-Bahn - Explore menus on left for lots of trains and more.

Shinkansen - Very simple and cute train paper craft with smiles.

Signal Box from Oak Leaf Studio

Trakkies - Simple freight train with a hopper wagon, aggregate wagon, tank wagon and railway track to run it on. Go to both Things to do 5-7 years and Things to do 8-12 years for the paper model trains.

Ueda City Trains - Very cute free paper toy trains with cute smiling faces.

Buses, Trams and Streetcars

Flower Buses - Pretty buses decorated with large sunflowers.

Japanese Paper Toy Buses - Tons of buses from cities in Japan and even some buses from here in the USA within the "Overseas" category.

Kyoto Streetcars

Library Bookmobiles - Lots of simple but nice paper model bookmobiles from different cities and states.

Papercrafts - Nice buses from around the world. There are a few different double decker buses. Two different types of yellow school buses. A New Flyer bus from New York city and a Cook County Sheriff's bus, to name a few. Be sure and go to their home page for other types of models.


Tamya Bus - Very nice bus with great graphics on the side.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Trolley, Sendai City Busses & Subway station and Train.

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