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Trucks, Vans, and Emergency Paper Models

Free paper toys of vans, trucks, emergency, farm and construction vehicles...


Construction and Farm Vehicles

Canon Vehicles - Very nice paper toys of a Wheel Loader, Bulldozer, Hydraulic Excavator and working Dump Truck complete with rocks! A Chemical Fire Engine and Articulated Ladder Truck. In Craftown there is a simple firetruck, fire station, simple police car, ambulance and more trucks. Craftown also has a lot very cute trucks and a whole town of vehicles and transportation related buildings complete with roads. You can build a whole paper toy town!

Cement Trucks

Construction Vehicles - Lots of Construction trucks and vehicles, go to download in left menu.

Fork Lift

MicroModels - Earth Wrecker and Crush-a-car Kit

Minimodel - Mack Super Liner, Ford F 150 / 250, Chevrolet Silverado, and many other nice paper model trucks. Go to Modely on the left.

PDVSA Models - Oil production and transportaion models. There is a oil refinery, oil and drill rig, service station, truck, and a oil tanker. All very nice. All the models are near the top in the list.

Playland - Steam Roller, Jackhammer and more

Snow Plows

Tunnel Drilling Machine - And Excavator, Crane

Various Construction Vehicles - Go to the image that says PDF for the free construction paper toy vehicles.

Emergency Vehicles

City of Yokohama - Two simple but nice paper model firetrucks and an abulance.

Inkjet Paper Scissors - Nice models of a 1930's Police car and a yellow Taxi. In the menu on the right, there is also a 1930's pickup truck. There are many other vehicles, check through the blog's prior months to see them all.

Kids Nifty - Fire Engine, fire captains car, cop car, ambulance, bulldozer, backhoe and more very nice paper toy vehicles.

Matsusaka Fire Station

Paw Patrol Vehicles - Very cute trucks and emergency vehicles from the cartoon show Paw Patrol from Nick Jr. Rubble's dirt mover, Chase in his cop car, Marshall in his fire truck, Rocky in his recycling truck, Zuma's hovercraft vehicle, and Skye's copter.

RecorteCole - Fire engine w/ladder, police car, concrete mixer truck and more.

Yamaguchi Disaster Prevention Helicopter

Trucks and Van Paper Models

Allied Moving Van Folding Model

Amora Mustard Van - Delivery van paper toy with advertisement on the side for a mustard brand that is very famous in France.

Bookmobile - Easy to assemble paper toy book mobile designed by author and illustrator Bob Staake.

Boooon City - Simple but very cute paper toy trucks, vans, vehicles with personalities.

Campers and RVs - Look for the little stars for downloads.

CitroŽn Vans and Trucks - Lots of different paper toy Citroen trucks and vans, some with retail logos on the side, police CitroŽn vans, all very nice. The downloadable paper model PDF files are under or near each image.

Clever Models - Go to Freebies (left) for Snowplows designed for model railroads.

Cony 360 Van

DAF Semi Trucks - Make your own DAF trucks: LF, CF or XF, and a DAF A2000 Truck model from 1959.

DC Model - Paper models of large transport equipment: Tatra 815 6x6 TP, Skoda 706 RT AKV, GMC Scenicruiser, Skoda 706 RTD. Very nice.

Delivery Truck and Van

DewMuffins - Very cute and colorful Honey Mobile, Ice Pop Mobile and PB&J Mobile.

Dharma Van from Lost with Hurley - Very nice but simple Van from the Lost TV series, also known as the Dharma van or beer van. Hurley is included.

EarthCruiser Overland Vehicle - Create your own paper model EarthCruiser. The EarthCruiser is an all terrain expedition vehicle.

EcoTruck - Simple to make Eco friendly natural gas powered paper model truck.

Gretchen Fleener Designs - A simple plain white paper model truck and a road construction play set that consists of a construction worker, a porta potty, signs, orange cones and even a construction worker.

Kirin Water Truck

Livic Delivery Van and Truck

Paper Taco Trucks - Simple cute paper toy Taco Trucks with cute graphics. Choice of several different versions with different color schemes.

Pertamina Oil Truck Papercraft - Very nice and detailed paper model of a red and white oil tanker truck. The Mitsubishi FUSO Truck

Range Rovers

Silverado, 2014 - Very nice red Silverado truck paper model.

Simple Truck

Snapfish Free Printable Toys - A 3D Truck Gift Box.

Toyota Tundra, 2014 - A simple but nice model truck. There is a link to the download in the last paragraph.


Power Wheels Ford F-150 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On, Blueicon

Dodge Pursuit Police Car 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On

Mater 6V Battery Powered Ride-On Quad

Remote Controlled Inflatable Dump Truck

No Tools Assembly - Desk, Blue and White

My Little Pony Ride The Wind Drapes

Mainstays Kids Heroes at Work Bed in a Bag Bedding Set

Orian Oris Woven Fleece Rug

Bacati- 4pc Toddler Bedding Set, Transportation

Disney Cars Toddler Bed and Multi Bin Organizer Bundle

your zone multi-sports lamp with shade

Step2 - Corvette Tool Chest Dresser


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