Here's a good idea from one of our users:

"I made 6 of them for Christmas presents. I put a few BB's inside before I sealed the last flap. I found that it made a great solid base and stopped the Calendar from rolling around. Everyone seemed excited about them and were asking if I could repeat the Calendar again for 2013. Thank you for your prompt reply and I certainly am looking forward to getting the new one soon. A great present for my desk in my computer room. Robin Greer"

More from our users:

"Having used your site for paper models for many years. I like to make at least one each year to keep on top of the Computer and on the modeling desk. May you keep the paper modeling lists going for many years. Thanks, Miles"

2017 Dodecahedron Calendar Cardstock Models (No-Glue & Glue Versions)

Dodecahedron Calendar

I really like having a dodecahedron calendar on my desk at work or in my home office.

It's easier to access the full year from this simple paper model than by paging through a traditional calendar, and takes up very little space.

This project started out as a simple card stock model until I noticed an increasing number of my coworkers did not have glue or didn't like using glue.

So in addition to the standard glue-tab version, I also created a no-glue version.

This was a very challenging design for me because I designed it entirely by hand in a paint program.

Dodecaherron Calendar with Secret Door

We have added a new version of our dodec calendar, a combo of the glue and no-glue versions.

It is the same as the glue version but with a secret door.

The month of January opens for access to the inside, so you can keep things inside, paperclips, etc.


Instructions for the No-Glue Dodecahedron:

After printing out the template on cardstock, just score all sides of each pentagon and cut every red line.

Pre-fold all scored lines.

To assemble, slide the tabs into the bottom of each notch, working your way around the center before doing the top & bottom.

If a tab does not go together well at first, just move on to the next one and then go back to the trouble spots afterward.

Once the tabs and notches are lined up they usually go together fairly easily.


Dodecaherron Calender
Dodecaherron Calender No Glue
Door Dodecaherron Calender



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