Realistic Eyes for the Paper Cat

by David T. Okamura

To make more realistic eyes, add a small drop of white glue over each eye and shape the blob with a toothpick until it covers the entire eye.

It's best to do this while the face part is still unfolded and flat on a level surface, and be sure to spray the piece with a protectant clear coat sealer first! Otherwise, the glue will cause the inks to run.

After the glue dries, there will be a slightly domed, transparent lens over the eyes.

It's important not to use too much glue or to get air bubbles, since the eye lens will be flawed.

After you're finished, a little touch of clear gloss (or Future acrylic floor finish) will give the eyes added sparkle.

Whiskers can be made out of short lengths of "invisible thread" or monofilament fishing line. (You could also use the real thing, but your cat would probably object.)

It's best to use a pin to prick the holes for the whiskers before folding and attaching the face.

The whiskers can be threaded through the holes and secured with glue on the inside before the face is glued into position.

The invisible thread and monofilament fishing line tend to retain their curl after being unspooled, but a good hard "twang" should stretch the line enough.

Nylon guitar strings are another option for whiskers, though more expensive.

If you're really creative (or just plain whimsical), you could use some strands of fiber optic cables (used in novelty lamps and flashlights) for the whiskers and somehow rig them up to a light source!

David T. Okamura sent these tips to us and kindly gave his permission to publish them - Thank You David!

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