Free Paperang Cardstock Boomerang

Free Cardstock paperang


This is the result of some time trying my hand at card models instead of paper models. It seems that with card stock it is easier to design new models but harder to write the instructions.

Paperang photoThis is my first published card stock model. So be sure to print this project on card stock. Anywhere from 90 LB to 125 LB should work just fine. Matte finish photo paper should also work well too. If you don't have any of these then trace it onto something like a manila folder, poster board or a cereal box.

I have experimented with many different boomerang designs. Some requiring glue and some not. Some with 4 boomerang blades and some with 3. In the end I settled on a one piece design with 3 blades.

If you are right handed and cut the paper boomerang out with right handed scissors it will automatically be bent into the correct shape. With the tips curved slightly upward towards the printed side with the arrows. When the boomerang lays flat on a table the ends of the blades will curve up from the surface about an eighth of an inch or a millimeter.

Hold the boomerang vertically (up and down) in your right hand with the printed side with the diagram facing left. Throw it like a hatchet. Be sure to get some spin on it to make it fly and come back to you. It will turn in flight, level out and come back to you.

Try in different rooms with different air volumes to see different interesting results.

Most of all Have Fun!


Paperrang JPG Version

Paperrang PDF Version


Paperang Instructional Video for Flying


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