Educational Resources - Unbiased consumer organization that gives the actual facts about in the political arena.

CoursEra - Free college courses offered by major universities

GCF LearnFree - Free online classes (no registration required). This site offers basic computer skills, How to Google, Facebook 101, MS Access 2010 videos, MS Office and more. Learn iPad 2 Basics, How to Blog, Digital Photography. There is Basic math and Learning how to read. All with Videos, practice and more. If you want to learn more there is Resume Writing, Interview skills, Filling out Time Sheets. From the simple to the complex you can find it here. The list is nearly endless.

Experts share enriching sites that are fun and educational: Brightstorm - Dsokids - Studystack

Connect Ohio - Every Citizen Online, by Connect Ohio, teaches you the basics in computer and online fundamentals so you can get connected.

WebJunction Ohio Course Catalog - There are free and reasonably priced courses for staff working in Ohio libraries & library organizations, and museums.

CHEA - Council for Higher Accreditation, find out if the college you are considering is accredited. Otherwise you may not earn recognized credit for the classes you are paying good money for.

Ohio credit-by-exam programs

James Burke's Knowledge Web - Very interesting! The author/creator of Connections a great series that ran on PBS about connections throughout history.

Khan Academy - Do you need help with Basic Math or Algebra? What about Money and Banking? Did you know there is a place online where you can get a quality education for Free? That sounds like a gimmick right? It's not. Some guy who happens to be a genius wanted to help his cousins with math, so he started producing YouTube videos to help. They caught on and grew and grew and now The Gates Foundation, Google, and others are supporting this really cool endeavor called The Kahn Academy.

The site is really cool because you can start by viewing videos or you can jump right in with practice exercises. The exercises are great because once you have gotten several right in a row, you have the option to keep practicing or to go on to the next level, and you can keep going until you feel you need help. When you want help there are videos waiting for you. One of the great things about the videos is that they are very patient. You can rewind to view again as often as you want. You can even save your lesson and pick it up again whenever you are ready.

Since I first tried out this wonderful site they have added lots of new categories. Their catalog is growing all the time and the available subjects now include: Developmental Math, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, Physics, Credit Crisis, Current Economics, Finance, Valuation and Investing, Venture Capital and Capital Markets, American Civics, History, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Brain Teasers, Computer Science, Cosmology and Astronomy. If the Kahn Academy had been around when I was a kid, my educational experience would have been totally different. You should see what they can do for you.

Nontraditional Education: Alternative Ways to Earn Your Credentials
Very good Goverment source of information on alternative ways to earn GED and college credit from your life experiences and knowledge through various ways...

University of the People - Get a free education. Open to everyone everywhere. The univesity is currently not accredited, so it is up to the university you are transfering to whether or not they accept the credits. They are applying for accredition. But you can get a free Associate of Science Degree or Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science! There is processing and exam fees.

MIT - Free Online Courses! - Believe it or not, free non-credit online courses from MIT! 1,800 Free online courses from MIT. Including streaming and downloadable audio and video lectures. No registration required. They even have their own YouTube channel. Also, High School courses.

Annenberg/CPB Learner.Org - Has free Video On Demand Clips of all of their Classes. The Mechanical Universe is one of our favorites. Very nicely done videos on science and physics. Easily understood demonstrations and very well produced with computer animation and graphics interspersed with historical reenactment...

AlphaSmart - Electronic word processor that is lighter and uses less battery power than a laptop. When all you need is a wordprocessor. You then up-load your work to your desktop or laptop...

Confluence - Intro from site: The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. The pictures and stories will then be posted here...


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