Space and Science

Cool Space and Science Sites:

Google Mars

History of Mir/Shuttle

Hubble Heritage Project

Nasa's Planetary PhotoJournal - Images organized by planets, spacecraft, missions and more.

Send Your Name to Mars!

Shuttle Reference

Sky Watch - Learn when you can see the Space Shuttle pass overhead!

SpaceNow - Site promotes the worthy cause of human exploration / settlement of space, as well as the technologies that will allow us to thrive as a species in space and on Earth...

Welcome to the Planets - Nasa

Zooniverse - Volunteer in the name of science and never leave the chair in front of your comnputer!


Chem4Kids - Chemistry can really be a daunting subject. The periodic table for example. Why is is called periodic? And why is it arranged in such a strange way? Some things on one side and some on the other. Well, Chem4kids explains these things in language kids (and adults) can understand. Broken down in to manageable chunks so you never feel overwhelmed. They talk to you, not down to you. When I found this site I was looking for something else but I started reading and got hooked. I read page after page without realizing that I was learning something new.

It's kind of like when you are reading a book and you get to the good part. It's bed time and you have to go to sleep. You are tired and you have to stop reading but you want to finish that next paragraph, then the next page, and before you know it you have finished the chapter and are well into the next.

This site seems to be so well written that (even though it is educational) it's a good place to go for recreational reading. As long as you are looking around for good reading about science, be sure to check out Biology4kids and Geography4Kids

Aerogel - The world's lightest solid

Annenberg CPB Learner

Brain Pop - Animation tutorials on science, technology and more.

Building Big - Explore large structures and what it takes to build them.

E-Ink - Check it out, very interesting new technology. Electronic ink is a new material that will have far-reaching impact on how society receives its information.

Inventing Modern America - Great page from MIT. Fun games on how you get from invention A to invention Z. Very well done.

Mad Scientist Network - Interesting page. Try out their random knowledge generater it's a unique way to search for information.

MicroAngelas Electron Microscope Image Gallery - Explore familiar and unexpected views of the microscopic world with colorized images from electron microscopes.


Artificial Anatomy - Paper mache body parts.

Digital Anatomist Project - Check out their Interactive Atlases page very well organized.

Build a Human Skeleton - Requires Shockwave

Who Named it - is a biographical dictionary of medical eponyms.

Periodic Tables:

Periodic Table - The periodic element with hundreds of images, stories and facts associated with each element. Displays images of each of the elements and interesting facts about its uses in addition to the atomic weight melting point etc.

WebElements - Clickable elements and has descriptive audio clips in addition to other factual information. Explore key information about the chemical elements through this periodic table.

Physics and Math:

Antimatter Mirror of the Universe - Discover what Antimatter is, where it is made, and how it is in our everyday lives.

Argonne National Laboratory - This is a Fantastic site! You have to check out their live streaming video from their Telepresence Microscopy Project page.

Engineering Magic - The more you know about engineering, the more you’ll know about magic.

KMODDL - An incredible open access, multmedia resource for learning and teaching about kinematics and the history and theory of machines.

Molecular Expressions - Lots of great imagery and interactive stuff. must see their Powers of 10 Animation!

Official String Theory Web Site - So what is string theory? For that matter, what the heck are elementary particles? If this all sounds totally confusing, try this section first.

Philosophy of Time - Time has been studied by philosophers and scientists for 2,500 years, and thanks to this attention it is much better understood today. Nevertheless, many issues remain to be resolved.

PhysLink - Latest Physics & Astronomy Stories.

World of Hoberman - Unfolding structures.

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