Baby Crib Bedding

Tip: How to Make A Simple Handmade Baby Quilt:

These Handmade Baby Quilts are simple, cheap and they are machine washable.

You will need a couple of yards of soft colorful flannel. Measure your baby crib mattress before you go to the fabric store or order online. You will find lots of cute baby patterns to choose from. Also you will need quilt batting. The quilt batting goes in between the pieces of flannel. You also need matching yarn and a needle to be able to sew the yarn through the fabric. So to sum up:

1) Several yards of flannel measure your crib mattress. You will need enough for the front and back of the baby quilt.

2) Yarn that matches the fabric or contrasts depending on your color scheme and design.

3) Needle to accommodate the yarn.

Basically to construct the baby quilt, you measure out the flannel to fit your crib. You need a top and bottom. Measure out the quilt batting to sandwich in between the two pieces of flannel.

Take the two pieces of flannel and measure a half inch all around the edges of both pieces. A simple way is to measure and iron the edge under. You are turning under the edges towards the wrong side on all four sides of both pieces.

Now sandwich together the flannel and batting so the batting is in between the two pieces of flannel, right sides out. Now you are going to hand stitch all around the edges. Simple whip stitch is fine, but feel free to experiment. When done, you can then use the yarn to tie down the batting inside, so it doesn't bunch up. Just stitch the yarn in then out then cut to length and tie off at intervals all over the quilt. The Baby Quilt is finished!

Hint: Try creating some yarn tassels to add to the corners, use creative stitching.

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