How to Setup an Internet Connection on the Brother Geobook

Starting at the Main Menu, the first thing we want to do is to go to the File Manager. Look at the words Bytes Free in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Next to the words Bytes free you will see a number. That number should be 300,00 or more. If is less than 300,000 then we need to Copy or Delete files or you may need to Format. If it is more than 300,000 Bytes free then hit the F3 Key (Exit) at the top of the key board to return to the Main Menu.

From the Main Menu Click on Internet. You will see one of two things. Either you will see "Subscribe, Browser, Emailer and Setup" or you will see the Setup Screen. If you don't see the Setup Screen, then click on Setup. The first line is labeled PPP Account name: This is where we put Your User Name. Your User Name is the same as your e-mail address without the @ symbol and what comes after it. Now, if your Internet Service Provider is Earthlink (and it probably is) then we need to type ELN/ and before the your User Name. For Example, if your E-mail address is robby2000(@) then your PPP Account name: will be ELN/robby2000

The next line wants PPP Account Password: This will be the password that Earthlink gave you or the one your told them that you want. When you type it in your password you will see stars (or asterisks) this is normal. It is made to do that so that no one could look over your shoulder and discover your password.

The next line is for the Dial up Telephone Number: This is the telephone Number that your ISP (Internet Service Provider), probably Earthlink, gave you. This is NOT your home phone number. How can we tell if we need to use the area code in the dial up telephone number? A good way to guess is to ask yourself this question. Do you have to dial the area code to call your next door neighbor? If the answer is YES then we should include the area code in the dial up telephone number. If the answer is NO then we should NOT include the area code in the dial up telephone number. Another good way to determine weather or not we need the area code is to call the number using your telephone just like you would to call a person. Don't dial the area code. One of two things will happen. Either you will hear a recording that tells you that you need to dial the area code when dialing this phone number, or you will hear a loud screeching, squealing noise like a fax machine. If you hear the fax like noise then we don't need the area code. If you hear the recording then we do need the area code.

The next line says Bring up login terminal There is a box to the left of these words. If the box is light in color (like the background color) then it is correct (for earthlink and most other ISPs). If it is dark then click on it to make it light.

The next 3 lines PPP IP Address, PPP IP Gateway and PPP IP Mask should be all 0.

The 1st DNS Server IP address and 2nd DNS Server IP Address must be different from each other. You can use any of the following 3 IP addresses.

Next click Apply you probably won't see anything happen but something important does happen. Then click Close You should see Subscribe, Browser, Emailer and Setup