Impulse Imagine 3d Model and Animation Tutorials

Imagine is an excellent 3d modeling and animation program. We use both SketchUp amd Imagine to create our original free paper models. We first build the 3d model in Imagine or SketchUp then process the 3d model in other programs. As far as we know Imagine is no longer available or supported, which is a shame, it was amd still is an excellent 3d modeling and animation program.


UAE Amiga Emulator - UAE emulates the hardware of the Commodore Amiga computers. Released under the GNU General Public License, UAE is free software. - A great site and forum for Imagine lovers! Besides being able to converse with other Imagine fans, you can download full versions Imagine 2.0 and Organica for free after you join.

KryoFlux - A USB-based floppy controller that allows you to read Amiga floppy disks and others.



Art and Animation How 2's