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3dHubs - Network of over 10,000 3D printers!

Vector Tuts - Verynice Vector Graphics tutorials, tips and information from users.

Spiral Graphics - Some interesting free graphics programs. Wood Workshop for unlimited wood textures that you configure. Also free seamless textures and other graphics software that is not free but interesting.

Ponoko - Design a product and get it made in your own personal factory! Very interesting! I found this from MIT Open Courseware. There is also a tutorial on how to go from SketchUp > Inkscape > Ponoko Laser Cutting = Your own product! Anyone can manufacture and distribute their own product designs from home!

Wordle - Creates a cool graphic from words or a RSS feed. Could use the resulting graphic as a logo. I could not figure out how to save the graphic, except to the online gallery, but you can screen capture to the clipboard using the "print screen" button on your keyboard.

Alice - Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web...

DAVID Laser Scanner - Low-Cost 3D Scanner.

CrowdSpring - Business owners who need logos and art post a project then put what they want to pay in an escrow account. Artists then post their art offerings and the business owner chooses which art they want and artist gets paid. Great idea!

Beyond Digital Painting - Offers many Amazing artistic software programs: PD Particles, Project Dogwaffle, PD Pro Digital Painter, OptiPustics. Some of the downloads are here.

Artweaver - Simple paint program that is freeware. Artistic effects, create sketches from photos, wide range of realistic brushes and more...

VectorMagic - Free online program converts any photo or logo from Bitmap to Vector and claims to do a better job than any of the major brands that perform the same function. There is a instructional video that is easy to understand on how to use the converter. I am sure this new algo will be snatched up by a major brand in the near future.

How to Make Your Own Eye-Popping 3-D Pictures - From NASA!

Process Astronomical Images on Your Home Computer Just Like the Experts with FITS a Free Photoshop plugin

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Exchange 3d - Very nice site Great free 3D models and more.
3d Cafe - Blender is open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. GNU Public License...
Daz Studio - Free 3d posing and animation software - Very nice spline modeler and animator
NASA Free Models and Textures
UVMapper - is a freeware full featured texture mapping utility program.

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Catching the light - techniques using Astrophotography images
Graphic Underworld:Looking Behind the Pretty Pictures
Look Ma, No Pixels 2: Paint Shop Pro Paths
Type in Circles with Paint Shop Pro - Text in a Circle


Impulse Imagine 3d Model and Animation Tutorials