How to Setup your Earthlink POP 3 Account in your Yahoo E-mail on the Brother Geobook

The whole point here is to beat the KR09 errors in the GeoBook E-mail program. You must have a Yahoo E-mail account already setup. If you still need to setup your FREE Yahoo E-mail then, Go here.

This tutorial walk through assumes that Earthlink is your Internet Service Provider.

Once you are in the Yahoo E-mail screen, look at the column on the left. We will start by Clicking on "Options".

Now on the right, under the heading of "Mail Management" Click on "Check Other (POP) Mail".

Once the next page loads, Click on the "Add Mail Server" button.

On the next page it will ask for "Mail Account Server". Fill in "".

On the next line it asks "Mail Account Username". This is the part of your YOUR E-mail address before (your user name). Type your user name in this field.

The next line asks for "Mail Account Password". Enter your Earthlink password here.

Leave the "Port Number" alone.

For "Download to Folder", it is set to "Inbox". For now I recommend that you leave this alone to.

Take the check out of all three of the check boxes. Once you have learned more about what these things mean then you may do with them as you will.

Now Click your favorite color (from the ones provided).

Now Click "OK"

You are now back at the "Add Mail Server" page. Click the "Check Mail" link on the RIGHT (not the one on the left).

If it says something like "Unfortunately, there was a problem: Incorrect username and/or password. Please check and reenter." Then there is probably a typing error. It is OK. This happens all the time, and it's no big deal. Just look for the error and correct it. And then try again.

If it says something like "Unfortunately, there was a problem: unexpectedly terminated the connection. Please try again." Then you have misstyped "" just correct it and try again. If it says something like "No new POP3 mail from" Then it works but there is no new mail just now.

If it says something like "Downloaded one message from into folder Inbox." Then everything worked correctly, and that you have mail. Good Job!

Now Click on "Check Mail" on the LEFT (not the one on the right).

You are back to your Yahoo E-mail Inbox.

Have fun, and enjoy. The E-mail KR09 error is now a thing of the past.